Acid Wash Service
For use after all other remedies for stains and discolorations have failed - as the acid wash etches and roughens the plaster.  We use the weakest acid solutions that will remove most stains.  Ask about the basic fee and possible additional costs.

Pool Assessments

Our trained technicians can provide a full pool assessment for those buying or selling their homes.  The labor charge is $190.00 and includes a written checklist that can be e-mailed directly to you.

Pool Bead Blasting

The build-up of calcium or mineral deposits on your pool tiles can be an eyesore. Calcium or scum lines can be very difficult and time consuming to remove, but Litchfield Park Pool Service LLC can remove build up in an efficient, fast and cost-effective way.  Pool tile blasting is a safe and effective technique to completely remove the calcium and scale deposits on pool tile. Bead blasting will not harm the tile or the glaze and will leave a clean, scale-free finish.   


Green Pool Service
Green and neglected pools need more than a few gallons of chlorine to become clean and clear again.  This service includes, but is not limited to the following inspections:  pump, filtration, in pool cleaner (if any), and chemistry.  Ask about the basic fee and additional costs for chemicals, repairs and complete water changes.

Heaters ~ Gas or Electric
Gas heater install ~ 380,000 and above natural gas heater for approximately $3,600.00.  This price includes heater, tax, labor by our experienced repair technician BEFORE gas line run.
Electric heater install ~ 140,000 and above BTU electric heat pump for $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 ~ this price includes heater, tax, labor by our experienced repair technician BEFORE electric run. 

Monthly Pool Service
Please visit the maintenance agreement link on Welcome page for monthly service details.
We may, at our option, pre-inspect pools as green pool cleanups and equipment in need of repairs are outside of our monthly swimming pool agreement and will need to be taken care of before monthly service can start.

  • One or two visits per week per agreement
  • Pool walls, steps, love seats brushed as needed
  • Chemical additions as needed
  • Pressure gauge check each visit, timers checked
  • Skimmer and pump baskets checked each visit
  • Sand filters backwashed weekly, DE filters backwashed monthly
  • We will clean cartridge and DE filters for a discounted fee for service customers, plus parts charge
  • In pool systems (cleaners) maintained, parts charge only
  • Salt cells checked and cleaned as needed
  • Water level checked
  • Bi-annual water analysis
  • O-rings lubricated as needed
  • Gates checked on exit
  • Notify owner of problems
  • Pre-party cleanups provided with 48 hour notice, check for availability and fee

For short term service, check availability and fee
Some accounts may require advance deposit

NOTE:  All parts and chemicals added to pool water or pool equipment are added to monthly bill.

NOTE:  Depending on vegetation - skimmer, pump and leaf canister baskets need to be emptied between visits by the customer to prevent damage to the pool equipment.
Additional Notes:

STORMS - After storms or strong winds the service person may initially stop to clear filters and remove debris and then move on to their next pool.  This is only to clear the filtration system. They will return to work further on the pool.  It may take several visits to recondition the pool. Homeowners remain responsible for caring for pools on those days when regular pool service is not scheduled.
BACKWASHING - Water to be directed onto property or drain per city code.

New Pool Start-Up Service  
New pools being filled need additional care as do old pools being resurfaced and refilled. It's not as simple as just adding water.  Ask about the basic fee and possible additional costs.
Pool Cleaners
Bring your pool cleaner, Hayward, Kreepy Krauly, Baracuda, Poolvernuegen, etc. into our repair area.  There is no cost to examine your cleaner. 
Repair Service
Please call, e-mail us at, or come by to explain your pool problem, to discuss our rate schedule, and to set up a service call.  Call backs for unrelated repairs are treated as new service calls.  Some repairs or materials may require up front deposits. 

If you are in the need to replace the bulb in your pool light, there are great new options.  Halco has developed an LED 18W LED R40 and 8W LED R20 pool light lamp with a 40,000 hour rated life.  It's energy saving, mercury free and high power.  They fit the standard Pentair or Hayward 400w fixture or the Pentair or Hayward non-halogen spa fixture. 

If you desire brightness and color changing, J&J Electronics has developed their 3G color splash lamp to replace the Pentair and Hayward full size fixture incandescent bulb. 

Cleaning in Process

Before Bead Blasting

Halco 80821 - LED - 8 Watt - R20 Pool Bulb

50W Equal - 600 Lumens - 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight - 40,000 Life Hours

Halco 80134 - LED - 18 Watt - R40 Pool Bulb
300W Equal - 1400 Lumens - 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight - 40,000 Life Hours - 120 Volt

Many factors affect your pool's condition, requirements and costs. Talk to us and we will try to help you sort it all out!


Litchfield Park Pool Service LLC